Hybrid Electic Scooter Gets Solar Canopy

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Hybrid Electic Scooter Gets Solar Canopy


Hybrid Electic Scooter Gets Solar Canopy

Putting a solar canopy on a hybrid electric motor scooter makes sense in heat-ravaged India.

The Indian Express  begins its story about ETI Dynamics' hybrid electric scooter thus:

"Riding a scooter in harsh summers is quite challenging."

No kidding! The summer killer heatwave in Indian where daytime temperatures generally hit 120°F (48C)

Unlike much of the developed world on in the oil rich Persian Gulf, most Indians don't have the luxury of turning on air conditioning in their homes or cars. Traveling at a top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph) on the ETI scooter won't change that, but every bit of shade and energy that can be wrung out of a blazing sun can help. The company estimates that the flexible solar panels that are incorporated into the canopy can improve the scooters 50 km range by 15-20%.

According to Indian Express, "The company will initiate pilots in around six cities in India immediately in the coming months and expects the first batch of vehicles plying commercially on the road in the next 12 months."